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Vixen Virago

Vile automatons of the Amperiat control the world's surface, forcing the remnants of humanity to survive in the only place outside their grasp - the skies! Follow the adventures of the sky piratess Vixen Virago in her search for revenge against Admiral Ryse of the Amperial Fleet...


Meet the Characters

"Meet the Characters" page has finally been uploaded. It has been conceived well before the comic started rolling, and yet it took years (literally) to see the light of day. Those that have read the comic so far, as well as those that are new to it, are welcome to read the main characters' backgrounds. It might shed some light on particular details not too directly tackled in the comic pages so far, but are by no means spoilers.

One of the main influences for Vixen Virago was Asterix, and those that have read Asterix albums will know that each has an introductory page, "Meet the Characters". So, this is a kind of homage.

posted by Domigorgon @ December 29th, 2012, 5:28 am  -  0 comments

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